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OR Table Extensions


OR Table Extensions

With the large number of patients being admitted to your facility on a daily basis, it's a must to have durable and reliable equipment. For accessories you can easily add on to your operating tables to make them more functional, SchureMed offers a range of high-quality OR table extensions that will meet your needs.

Foot Extensions

Aside from providing foot support when used vertically, these extensions may also double as a table extender when used horizontally. Soft and completely radiolucent, these are perfect for operating tables of all sizes and lengths in the radiography room.

Head Rests

A key design feature that is found in every SchureMed product is enhanced patient comfort and safety. We manufacture our head rests no differently. Unlike with other head rests, the unique narrow shape of SchureMed's provides surgeons better access to the head during different surgical procedures, which in turn improves their workflow and performance.

Table Width Extenders

For more surface support, try our table width extenders instead of purchasing bigger units. A cost-effective alternative, these OR table extensions can enable patients to rest their arms more comfortably and for longer periods of time, and aid surgeons during upper extremity surgical procedures. Just clamp them on the OR table's side rails and they're ready for use.

Currently, we have 11"L x 8"W, 15"L x 8"W, and 20"L x 4"W sizes for you to choose from.

Note: Clamps are not included in all of our table extension offerings. To purchase separate table clamps, kindly visit our Table Clamps page for more information.

Why Choose SchureMed?

Besides manufacturing medical equipment that have gained the trust of healthcare professionals, we at SchureMed never stop with our research and development initiatives in order to come up with innovative solutions that address today's ever-growing surgical challenges.

Whether you run a small medical facility or are part of a large chain of hospitals, you will find that SchureMed carries a wide array of products at the right prices. With our vast experience in medical equipment design and manufacturing, we're confident in the long-lasting value our products offer.

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For inquiries about our OR table extensions, or for detailed product information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 888-724-8763. Alternatively, you may also leave us a message at and we'll promptly get back to you.