Custom In-House Design

Custom Solutions for Industrial Design Challenges

Industrial Design is an integral factor in helping to secure the success of your product. Our experts are here to ensure that you don’t overlook any part of this process; they’ll work collaboratively with you throughout each step, from conceptualization and prototyping all the way through manufacturing on a large scale. Let us handle every aspect of creating custom devices or parts quickly and efficiently so as not to compromise quality nor induce frustration along the way.

Optimize Your Design


Our industrial designers work with you to determine the look and feel you envision for your product, and make sure those elements are included throughout the entire development process. During a brainstorm at with our team, our design and engineering team will generate and document new and innovative concepts for your product to ensure that it is attractive to customers.


Our engineers have experience ranging from injection molded plastic design to complex mechanisms. Our team is dedicated to designing your product to exacting standards, no matter how simple or challenging.


Our team of product designers and engineers build your prototype based entirely around how you plan on using it, or who you're planning on selling it to.


We handle design specifications and all accompanying legal paperwork required.


Our in-house ISO certified production facility, and our experienced production crew guarantees that top-notch manufactured products are delivered right to your doorstep. We make sure every product created meets our standards of excellence.


Products produced are certified by applicable government agencies for use.


Your certified, registered, customized product is ready to implement in your practice.

Worker performing quality assurance procedure

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

We know from experience that delivering a new product is more than just design and manufacturing. Regulatory and quality considerations have to be built in from the start.

When we commit to delivering you a Bespoke product, you can rest assured that we will handle compliance for key markets such as CE and FDA. We do everything to bring your ideas to fruition.

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"I use SchureMed patient postioning equipment every day in my OR. They’re effective tools for gaining access to surgical sites we would otherwise have issues getting to. These tools are effective at saving time in the OR."
- Dr. Henry Jonson


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