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Perineal post system slides left or right for pinpoint precision positioning

Our traction boots give surgeons unprecedented control over the range of motion during an operation. The ball joint at the heel allows for fluid adjustments in external and internal rotation - providing maximum flexibility to achieve desired outcomes.

Turn the handle to dial in or out just the right amount fine traction to suit your needs. Experience smooth motion and maximum precision as adjustments are quickly made for optimal performance!

With the pull of a plunger, the surgeon is empowered to seamlessly remove traction boots intraoperatively and make an accurate assessment of range-of-motion.

By leveraging the revolutionary properties of Áristos, surgeons can now free themselves from the constraints posed by traditional fracture tables and orthopedic extensions. With its ability to laterally rotate a patient's leg away from the spar, surgeons are granted unparalleled C-arm access for optimal radiolucent imaging.

Simply squeeze the trigger, to harness the power of gross traction and wield precise control over smooth and steady lineal bearings

Unlock superior control with in-line axial rotation, conveniently marked for precise positioning.

The revolutionary Áristos weightless positioning technology enables you to keep your patients and staff safe with the release of a trigger. Instantly locking into place, it's the ultimate assistant for any operating room!

The SchureMed Orthopaedic Extension


Elevate your patient positioning experience with SchureMed’s new orthopedic extension, Áristos! This groundbreaking solution provides a sleek, lightweight design and intuitive controls that make lower extremity surgical procedures better than ever before.

Áristos orthopedic extension transforms general surgical tables into cutting-edge orthopedic fracture tables, allowing surgeons to improve turnover times and provide their patients with the highest level of care. This innovative solution can transform any operating room into a high-end trauma center!

Cutting-edge orthopedic fracture tables have never been more attainable! With Áristos, operating room technology is within reach – offering convenience and affordability – like no other.