SchureLoc XPS

Schure Loc™ XPS


Increase operating room performance and productivity with the new SchureMed Schure Loc™ XPS portable arm and hand positioner. With no foot pedals, hoses, hydraulics or power cords around the operating room table, Schure Loc™ XPS combines strength and flexibility when intra-operatively adjusting the operative limb. Newly designed with global clamp to fit all OR table side rails.

Because the Schure Loc™ XPS maintains steady positioning from start-to-finish, the whole surgical team can focus on the open or arthroscopic limb procedure – no need to have the surgical aid hold the patient’s limb during the procedure!

Great for beach chair or lateral position and now available– Schure Loc™ XPS accessories for elbow, wrist, knee or ankle surgery.

Key Features

  • Single lever releases all six joints for unlimited varied positioning and relocks instantly when released
  • SchureLoc XPS attaches to any side rails that are within the following dimensions:
    Rail Width Size: .23” – .39” (6 mm – 10 mm)
    Rail Height Size: .98” – 1.49” (25 mm – 38 mm)
  • Easily attached to any OR table – ready for immediate use
  • Smooth, effortless positioning enhances operative site exposure
  • Decrease surgeon fatigue and improve OR team productivity
  • Convenient Schure Loc™ Shoulder Kit includes a sterile drape, foam hand/forearm holder and self-adherent wrap, The XPS Adapter, and the forearm attachment.
    (purchase separately below)
  • 500 lb (227 kg) patient weight capacity

Schure Loc™ Accessories

790 0039 schure loc adapter 750x750 pad

SchureLoc XPS Adapter


(1 Included with the purchase of a SchureLoc XPS)

790 0040 schure loc forearm attachment 750x750 pad

SchureLoc XPS Forearm Attachment


(1 Included with the purchase of a SchureLoc XPS)

790 0056 schure loc xps armboard 750x750 pad

SchureLoc XPS Armboard


790 0057 schure loc xps counter traction post 750x750 pad

SchureLoc XPS Counter Traction Post


790 0077 xps tkr positioner 750x750 pad

SchureLoc XPS TKR Positioner


790 0075 schure loc xps elbow ankle positioner 750x750 pad

SchureLoc XPS Elbow/Ankle Positioner


800 0281 schureloc xps disp sterile kit 750x750 pad

SchureLoc XPS Sterile Kit