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Schure Foot for
Total Knee Replacement

Two Available Models:
Stainless Steel & Lexan

Patient's well leg lies flat
Disposable, conductive,
foot pad included
Replace knee while foot
is held in place

SchureMed's TKR

Designed for Total
Knee Replacements

Custom Sterilization
now Included!
Welded Boot Edges–
No Possibility
of Contamination

Great White HD 1000
Stirrup Boot System

1st Interchangeable
Stirrup Boot System!

Proprietary 3-in-1 System 
Includes 3 Pairs of Boots:
Maxima, Platinum & Premium
Quick & Easy connections
1,000 lb Patient
Weight Capacity


Great White
Platinum Stirrups

Our #1 Selling Product!
Lithotomy Range
-30° to 75°

Exclusive 3-Axis Control 
600 lb. Patient
Weight Capacity

Schure Loc XPS

Great for Rotator Cuff,
Shoulder Arthroscopy
& Total Shoulder
Replacement Surgeries

Unique 6-Joint Design–
Each Rotates 360°
Simply Depress Lever
to Adjust Position of Joints
& Release Lever to Lock

Adjustable Foot Board/
Table Extension

Simply pull on both
locking knobs to
position at desired angle
Includes 2" Pressure
Management Pad
500 lb. Patient
Weight Capacity


SchureMed is proud to announce our achievement as ISO 13485: 2016 Certified as of August 5, 2020. ISO 13485 is the medical device industry’s most widely used international standard for quality management. Issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the ISO 13485 standard is an effective solution to meet the comprehensive...


If you’ve ever had surgery in a Boston-area hospital, or even beyond, you might have been strapped into a “patient positioning” device that held you steady. Chances are that device was designed and manufactured in Abington at SchureMed, a small company founded in 1994 by Peter Schuerch of Quincy. He and his wife, MaryAnn, also started the Victoria Ann...


While many manufacturers have sought out overseas factories with cheap labor, land and supplies, SchureMed remains something of an outlier as a manufacturer who has kept every step of the production process here at home. SchureMed, the company Peter Schuerch founded in a Quincy basement in 1994, has outgrown three spaces in the last 10 years, moving from...


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