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Surgical Stirrups

SchureMed offers an extensive selection of surgical stirrups to aid hospitals and day medical centers in providing quality patient care by way of premium patient positioning products. We carry surgical stirrups in popular brands such as Great White, in addition to a wide a range of models including gynecological medical stirrups, pediatric leg surgical stirrups, as well as exam table stirrups designed to meet the specific challenges of patient positioning in both the operating and exam room.

We strive to ensure that patient discomfort and safety risk is minimized during medical procedures when using SchureMed surgical positioning equipment. You will find that our surgical and medical exam stirrups are some of the most affordable in the market today that provide the highest level of comfort to patients when undergoing positioning prep for procedures. Not only that, you can rest assured that our high-quality medical equipment and supplies will serve patients well for many years to come in gynecology, lithotomy, pediatric, surgery, and general medical examinations.

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