Great White HD1000 Stirrups

Great White HD1000 Stirrup Boot System


The Great White HD1000 Stirrups is an interchangeable boot system with 1,000lb (454kg) patient weight capacity.

SchureMed’s stirrup systems provide safe and quick positioning assistance for improved surgical site access.

This intra-operative, adjustable medical stirrup for gynecological, laparoscopic, and urological applications offers exceptionally precise placement, effectively minimizing the possibility of nerve damage. Exclusive axial rotation, high/low lithotomy and abduction/adduction from the handle improves patient positioning.

Required Accessory: Purchase Two

#800-0396 Stirrup Clamps

Replacement Pads:

#508-1415  Platinum Stirrups Boot Pads, Set
#508-1354  Premium Stirrups Boot Pads, Set
#508-1502  Bariatric Stirrup Boot Pads, Set