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Shoulder Chair Dolly

Shoulder Chair Dolly

ProductID: 800-0074


To store surgical beach chairs, operating room personnel now have a durable, easy-to-use, transport dolly for the surgical shoulder chairs from SchureMed. Broad, stable, stainless steel handle and set of four caster wheels permits efficient wheeling of the stored beach chair to the table for positioning. Wide base resists tipping.

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Shoulder Chair Dolly  800-0074

Initial Release
: 8/18/2004

SchureMed (081001460)
452 Randolph Street, Abington, MA 02351 USA 
Toll Free 
(888) 724-8763  |  Ph (781) 982-7000
(781) 982-7001  |

Authorized Representative
Emergo Europe, Prinsessegracht 20, 2514 AP The Hague, The Netherlands

  1. Place Shoulder Chair onto mounting blocks (as shown)
  2. Secure head section with velcro strap

Intended Use
Intended use is for storage of SchureMed's shoulder chair.

General Specifications:
Device Dimensions (maximum)
  • Length: 27” +/- 0.5” 
  • Width: 12” +/- 0.5” 
  • Height: 39” +/- 0.5”  
  • Device Weight: 28 +/- 0.5 lbs.
  • Fully Assembled 
Component Overview
SHOULDER CHAIR DOLLY is a storage cart used to store shoulder chair components.

General Information
  • Product not made with (NRL) Natural Rubber Latex
  • Product warranty covers product from manufacturing defects for period of 2 years
  • If damaged in shipping, call Customer Service at (888) 724-8763 or (781) 982-7000 to obtain Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. For product warranty issues, contact Customer Service.
  • Product is maintenance-free, check product condition before next use
  • Life of device is 5 years under normal use
  • Store device between –4°F to +86°F
  • General - Prevent infection by cleaning and disinfecting product before disposal
  • Packaging - Dispose packaging material via household waste according to national requirements
  • SchureMed accepts back used or retired products - or dispose of product in accordance with national requirements

Cleaning & Disinfecting
Spray and wipe clean with hospital-approved disinfectant. No sterilization.


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IFU-800-0074  REV 3.02

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