E-Z Lift Surgical Beach Chair

E-Z Lift Surgical Beach Chair


Position patients for shoulder surgery with this lightweight and cost-effective surgical beach chair that adjusts from 0-90° with a powerful piston system that assists O.R. staff when lifting the patient into position. A safe and secure option to our fully-powered shoulder surgery chair system.

  • Significantly reduces effort by O.R. staff when lifting patients over other manual systems
  • 500 lb. (227 kg) surgical patient weight capacity
  • Articulation range 0-90°
  • Sliding head rest conforms to every patient
  • Lateral brace included
  • Double-ball joint head system safely secures patient’s head
  • Five-piece Deluxe pad set included

Required Accessory (Select One Model)

#800-0164  Disposable Face Masks
#800-0369  Premium Head & Chin Straps

Optional Accessories:

#800-0074  Shoulder Chair Dolly
#800-0050  Multi-Axis Arm Positioner
#800-0134  Schure Socket XL

Replacement Products:

#508-0096  Shoulder Chair Lateral Brace Pad
#508-1461  E-Z Lift Shoulder Chair Pad Set
#508-0091  Shoulder Chair Main Pad, Body
#508-1459  Shoulder Chair Panel Pad, Right
#508-1460  Shoulder Chair Panel Pad, Left
#790-0063-M  HD Double Ball Assembly with Malleable Insert