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Pediatric Lithotomy Stirrups

ProductID: 800-0233_800-0234
  • Pediatric Lithotomy Stirrups
  • Pediatric Stirrup Replacement Boot Pads
  • Pediatric Stirrup Dolly

The Pediatric Lithotomy Stirrups are a comfortable boot stirrup. Specifically designed with the pediatric patient in mind. Pediatric stirrups attach to side rail of any OR table using the (sold separately). Boot pads included.

  • Pediatric boot stirrup design encapsulates patient’s lower leg
  • Floating boot automatically adjusts when repositioning the pediatric boot stirrup

Required Accessory: Purchase Two
Schure Socket

Optional Accessories
Pediatric Stirrup Lithotomy Dolly
PUPS Reusable Boot Pads
KIDS Reusable Boot Pads

Available Combo Deals