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Elite Trendelenburg System, 20°, Repl. Parts

ProductID: 804-0115, 804-0116, 804-0117
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Trulife Manufacturing #TR012, #ELT900, #ELT015

The Elite Trendelenburg System has been developed to overcome the challenges faced in the Trendelenburg position – primarily; patient slippage, nerve injury and the formation of decubitus sores. 

Features: An exceptionally comfortable gel and foam combination which offers restraint-free pressure relief and stabilization of the patient 

Surgical Positions
: Recommended for robotic-assisted surgery, abdominal surgery & gynecological surgery

  • A unique dual-layer, integrated gel structure conforms to the shape of the patient, improving immersion and comfort 
  • A combination of memory foam and latticed gel cells provides maximum pressure relief 
  • Advanced carbon composite shoulder supports provide additional comfort and stabilization for steeper procedures

Choose Replacement Part:
#804-0115 Trendelenburg Headrest
#804-0116 Elite Trendelenburg Positioner
#804-0117 ER Anti-Slip Mat

Specifications: 12 Month Warranty

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