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Disposable Head & Chin Strap Positioners

Disposable Head & Chin Strap Positioners

ProductID: 800-0039
  • Disposable Head & Chin Strap Positioners
  • Disposable Head & Chin Strap Positioners - Side View


Disposable Head & Chin Strap Positioners hold head securely during the operative procedure. VELCRO® brand fasteners are soft and pliable and attach to head frame. 12/cs.

Product is non-returnable.

Copyright Notice
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Initial Release
: 7/22/2004


SchureMed (081001460)
452 Randolph Street, Abington, MA 02351 USA 
Toll Free (888) 724-8763  |  Ph (781) 982-7000
Fax (781) 982-7001  |

Authorized Representative
Emergo Europe Prinsessegracht 20, 2514 AP The Hague, The Netherlands 

Become familiar with features of patient positioning device before use with patient. Always practice use on a nurse, physician or appropriate volunteer prior to using clinically.

  1. Place patient on the surgical table/shoulder chair in supine position
  2. Once patient is intubated, hold patient’s head and neck, raise shoulder chair up so patient is in Fowler (sitting) position
  3. Loosen ball joint - adjust head positioner around patient’s head making sure the patient’s ears are uncovered - tighten ball joint
  4. Hold head positioner flaps along side of patient’s head, placing Forehead Strap across forehead as shown. Attach securely and avoid covering patient’s eyebrows.
  5. Next take Chin Strap (cup for the chin) and place patient’s chin in strap’s cup. While holding the cup to the chin, secure one side of the strap to the head positioner as shown. Making sure the head is properly positioned and secure the other end of the strap to the opposite side of the head positioner.

NOTE: The head should be securely positioned. If not, make the straps a little tighter.

Intended Use
The intended use is to hold the patient’s head during the operative procedure. 

General Specifications
Device Dimensions (maximum)
  • Length: 21” +/- 0.5” (Head) 
  • Length: 22” +/-0.5” (Chin) 
  • Width: 2” +/-0.5 (Both Head and Chin) 
  • Device Weight: 0.25  +/-  0.5 lbs 
  • Attaches to the head section of SchureMed Shoulder Chairs 
  • Single-person installation 

Component Overview 
The HEAD AND CHIN STRAP holds a patient’s head securely during the operative procedure.

General Information
  • Product not made with (NRL) Natural Rubber Latex   
  • Product warranty covers product from manufacturing defects for period of 2 years
  • If damaged in shipping, call Customer Service at (888) 724-8763 or (781) 982-7000 to obtain Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. For product warranty issues, contact Customer Service.
  • Product is maintenance-free, check product condition before next use
  • Store device between –4 °F to +86 °F

SINGLE PATIENT USE—Please dispose after each use

IFU-800-0039 Rev. 3.00

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