Adjustable Height Armboard

Adjustable Height Armboard


This adjustable-height surgical armboard accommodates a wide-range of patients and their procedural needs, as well as adjusting vertically to allow the use of x-ray tops without sacrificing a level surface on the O.R. table. Fits all standard U.S. operating room table side rails and is lightweight, extremely durable and radiolucent.

  • 6″ x 26.5″L (15 cm x 67 cm)
  • This armboard adjusts vertically to be level with O.R. table, either with or without X-ray tops.
  • To adjust armboard vertically, simply place armboard on side rail, loosen handle and raise to correct table height and tighten handle
  • Simply pull finger-trigger at end of armboard and quickly move to required position. Release trigger to lock tight.
  • Eliminates need for multiple-size pads
  • 2″ (5 cm) Conductive Vinyl Covered Foam Pad sold separately: Deluxe or Softcare
  • Pad attaches to armboard with adhesive backed hook & loop fastener

Required Pad: Choose one

#508-0071  2″ Armboard Pad, Deluxe
#508-0151  2″ Armboard Pad, Softcare