Trulife Gel Positioning Pads

The Trulife Pressurecare Ranges were developed as a result of our commitment to provide improved levels of pressure care products to both patients and healthcare systems. Vast amounts of in-depth research have gone into the development of each range. The Trulife Pressurecare range, Oasis, Oasis Elite and Azure, offers a simple and cost effective solution with a comprehensive offering to cover all surgical procedures. 

Why select the Trulife Range?

· Re-distributes Weight Effectively

· Reusable & Cost Saving

· Medical Grade Silicone & Extensive Range                                  

· Biocompatible & Easy to Clean

· Different Budgets Considered

· Made in Ireland

Azure Logo

The Azure range is the most advanced and innovative range of products available in the OR today. The Azure range offers the best pressure redistribution. Each product consists of two independent protective silicone layers that work in combination allowing the moulded products to effectively conform to the individual user’s shape in a more contoured and less structured manner, resulting in effective protection against nerve damage and skin breakdown. The new approach by Trulife was to create a product that replicates and acts as an additional layer of protective tissue and skin. Azure has set a whole new standard of protection in the OR. 

Oasis Logo

The Oasis range is an extensive range of reusable 100% silicone gel pads. The silicone we use is softer than both skin and underlying tissue. This means that pressure is relieved by the slightmovement of the silicone gel and resulting dissipation of pressure/force across the product. It is the first range of products launched by Trulife in the OR field and remains a market leader in gel pads and positioners.


The Oasis Elite range combines silicone gel and light weight foam with a precontoured surface to provide superior pressure relief and patient protection in the OR. Anatomical pre-contouring facilitates greater conformity between gel and body shape; weight is then redistributed over a larger area. Oasis Elite products are more than 50% lighter than comparable gel-only products. They are designed for stability, easier handling and manipulation by medical personnel during preparation and surgery

Oasis Plus

The Oasis + products are made from a medical grade siloxane elastomer. Additional durability is ensured because the products have no outer film, making this an entirely unique product range. The shape and design of the product promotes the ultimate in pressure relief. The material has hypoallergenic and anti slip properties helping to provide comfort and support to the patient.