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Surgical Table Accessories

You can rely on SchureMed to provide you with the high-quality OR surgical table accessories for safe and reliable surgical procedures. All our products have passed stringent Quality Assurance (QA) tests to ensure that patient stability is maintained throughout the course of surgeries. Our extensive selection of surgical table accessories for the OR assist in keeping patients secure and comfortable in a variety of positions, including supine, lateral, lithotomy, and more.

Our products include A-Line Positioners, Anesthesia Screens, Restraint Straps, Safety Draws, Shoulder Supports, Arm & Leg Guards, Irrigation Towers and disposable products. We also provide comfort mats to help keep surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and surgical techs comfortable throughout long operative procedures requiring extended standing time. Our line of Schure Strap Rolls with VELCRO-brand fasteners offer additional assistance during operations as the premier solution to surgical taping for restraint, while its soft edged design offers a non-irritative surface for the patient.

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