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Surgical Case Carts

SchureMed’s offering of various Pedigo surgical case carts include utility carts and surgical case carts. Available in many sizes and styles, any healthcare center can find a medical case cart to fit their needs. Both open case carts and closed surgical case carts offer easy access and storage space. Use the open general utility carts for various medical purposes. The stainless-steel open carts can be used reliably as supply carts, distribution carts, linen carts, and more.  Find the Pedigo open carts useful in any medical department.

Transport your sterile medical supplies and instruments to surgery in Pedigo surgical closed case carts. The Rev-o-lu-tion closed carts are fit for surgical centers seeking easily maneuverable, lightweight, durable medical carts. These closed surgical case carts require less push/pull effort than standard case carts. Deep carts are created for large medical instruments and allow easy access and storage space. 

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