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Surgical Arm & Hand Positioners

Surgical arm and hand positioners offer comfortable and versatile positioning of patients when prepping for surgery, including arthroscopy. Patient positioners for arms and hands ensure the security of the operative limb, while also maintaining patient comfort throughout the duration. At SchureMed, our selection of surgical patient positioning devices for arms and hands includes SchureMed exclusives, such as the Schure Loc XPS, Adaptor, Elbow-Ankle Positioner, and Forearm Attachment. In addition to our Schure Loc XPS product line, we also offer surgical wrist towers, limited use finger traps, elbow arthroscopy support, elbow surgical positioners, and multi-axis arm positioner replacement pads to assist in the stabilization of limbs throughout operations. Enhance surgical procedures, operating room performance, and patient surgery experiences while using proper positioning devices for arms and hands by SchureMed.

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