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Stretcher Pads

Our selection of quality pads for medical stretchers meet the highest standards for patient comfort and safety with infection control and electrostatic discharge prevention. Whether you need them for your newly acquired surgical stretchers, transport stretchers, surgical surfaces, or require replacement pads, you will find that our selection is suitable for all kinds of medical applications.

Our standard stretcher pads are covered with Lectrolite fabric, which is a type of conductive fabric that helps control electrostatic discharge and prevent interference with sensitive electronic medical equipment during surgery or medical procedures. Furthermore, this type of fabric is also fluid-proof and features anti-microbial qualities to prevent the risk of patient infection.

For the patient’s maximum comfort, our line of stretcher foam pads come in a “waterfall design,” a feature that eliminates the top-edge seam design usually found on other stretcher pads. Aside from providing the patient with a more comfortable pad for the stretcher, this also reduces the risk of infection. Additionally, the stretcher pad’s rounded-corner design makes it suitable for any type of stretcher.

Click here to view the descriptions of the available padding styles and covering materials for stretchers. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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