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Shoulder Assistant
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The SchureMed Shoulder Assistant combines strength and intra-operative adaptability while providing optimal patient positioning for shoulder surgery in the beach chair position. Staff efficiency is improved as O.R. staff are freed from holding the patient’s limb during surgery. Designed to maintain a low profile while delivering exceptional control and patient positioning capabilities. Mounts onto the side of any standard operating room table and provides a non-sterile base for which sterile components are inserted.

  • Save money not having to buy expensive drapes
  • Surgeon foot control provides quick and precise intra-operative patient positioning
  • Easy to assemble
  • Unlimited surgical site access and positioning
  • Required Disposable Sterile Hand/Forearm Wraps sold separately

Required Accessory
Disposable Sterile Hand/Forearm Wraps

Optional Accessory
Shoulder Assistant Dolly

Available Combo Deals