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Shoulder/Arm/Hand Positioning

SchureMed’s selection of shoulder and upper extremity patient positioners enable doctors to accurately perform surgical procedures. Our patient positioners benefit the patient in that their upper extremity can be positioned in a way that reduces, or even completely eliminates, discomfort and patient injury during the surgical procedure.

At SchureMed, we offer a wide assortment of custom positioning equipment for shoulders, upper extremities, and limbs to meet your surgical needs. Find an exclusive collection of Schure Loc™ products, including: adaptors, forearm attachments, XPS disposable sterile kits, XPS elbow-ankle positioners, and more. Also featuring a variety of other surgical positioning devices for upper extremities, such as shoulder assistants, arm positioners, positioning armboards, wrist towers, surgical elbow positioners, elbow arthroscopy support, and limited use finger traps.

One of our most popular products, the Schure Loc™ XPS combines strength and flexibility when intra-operatively adjusting the operative limb. The smooth and effortless positioning of the patient, with a single release lever, enhances operative site exposure and decreases surgeon fatigue and improves OR team productivity.