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SchureMed Announces Its Launch of the New Great White® Stirrup Product Line

January 6, 2019

Abington, MA, August 2, 2016 – SchureMed, a leading global medical device manufacturer, announces the worldwide launch of the new CE marked and patent pending Great White® product line of surgical stirrups including the Great White® Platinum Stirrups, Great White® Premium Stirrups, Great White® Maxima Stirrups and introduces the world’s first interchangeable boot stirrups - the Great White® Interchangeable Stirrup Boot System. 

This innovative line of surgical stirrups mimics the anatomy and movement of the human hip due to the exclusive 3 dimensional positioning capabilities.  The new design offers our customers the most advanced stirrup technology available while providing patients the safety and comfort they require.   

SchureMed also announces today its revolutionary new concept in stirrup technology – the Great White® Interchangeable Stirrup Boot System.  This new system allows surgeons to quickly and easily transition between different types of boots needed for various patient sizes and procedures. 

“The Great White® Interchangeable Stirrup Boot System is a great example of cost and time efficiency.  Hospitals are faced with the rising costs of healthcare reform which makes it so important for SchureMed to be able to provide budget-friendly options to our customers,” said Peter Schuerch, President & CEO.  “Instead of buying three separate sets of stirrups, the new interchangeable system includes one set of stirrups and three different types of boots that can be easily switched to accommodate different patient sizes and procedures, saving the hospital time and money.”

Attendees at the AORN 2016 show in Anaheim were given a sneak peek at the new stirrup product line which was met with extremely positive reviews.  “We’re very excited to be the first to offer this type of unique stirrup  technology and even more excited to start getting them out to our customers and distributors worldwide” said Alan Hattey, Vice President of Sales. 

About SchureMed 
SchureMed is a leading global medical device manufacturer of operating room products specializing in surgical patient positioning and surgical table accessories.  Patient safety and comfort is our priority and guides the design of all of our products offered for Gynecology, Urology, Orthopedic and general surgery procedures. 

For more information on SchureMed please contact customer service at: 781-236-4144.