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Patient Sliders

SchureMed’s patient transfer slider board product line is designed to minimize the risk of back injury and to ensure the utmost comfort and safety for patients. Our Schure Slide patient transfer products are flexible, anti-static, and can be cleaned up easily with a single spray-and-wipe motion—all that’s required to prevent staining.

Different medical crews have different levels of comfort; thus, our patient transfer slider boards feature multiple carrying holes which allow them to transfer patients at any angle and height. SchureMed’s line of radiolucent patient transfer equipment is made from synthetic materials that do not show up on X-ray prints to help medical professionals locate injuries easily.

Our Schure Slides may be hung from any wall and be deployed in a matter of seconds. This helps reduce patient turnover time and allows medical professionals to treat more patients in less time. Choose Flexible: 1/16" thickness or Rigid: 3/16" thickness from our selection of patient transfer slider boards.

Please note that the Schure Slides are made for sliding a patient from one surface to another and are not constructed to support patient weight.

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