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Oasis Universal Patient Positioners

ProductID: 804-0067_804-0070
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Trulife Manufacturing #OA050 (804-0067), #OA051 (804-0068), #OA052 (804-0069), #OA053 (804-0070)

These 100% silicone positioners are suitable for safe and effective positioning during all surgical procedures.

Available Sizes:

  • 804-0067 - Ex-Small: 2.36"W x 5.91"L x 1.57"H
  • 804-0068 - Small: 2.76"W x 12.99"L x 1.97"H
  • 804-0069 - Medium: 3.94"W x 11.42"L x 2.36"H
  • 804-0070 - Large: 4.72"W x 13.58"L x 2.76"H

Available Combo Deals