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Oasis Crutch Stirrup Pads

ProductID: 804-0080_804-0082
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Trulife Manufacturing #OA090 (804-0080), #OA091 (804-0081), #OA092 (804-0082)

The Oasis Crutch Stirrup Pads are designed to fit most types of stirrups. Supplied in pairs, they come in a variety of sizes.

Available Sizes:

  • 804-0080 - Small: 8.66"W x 12.60"L x .39"H (220mm x 320mm x 9.9mm)
  • 804-0081 - Medium: 9.65"W x 15.55"L x .39"H (245.1mm x 395mm x 9.9mm)
  • 804-0082 - Large: 11.81"W x 20.47"L x .39"H (300mm x 519.9mm x 9.9mm)

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