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Great White Robotic Stirrups

ProductID: 800-0342-R_800-0342-RF
  • Great White Robotic Stirrups
  • Great White Robotic Stirrups

The mounting blade design quickly and easily inserts into side-rail clamps. The Great White Robotic Stirrups’ range of motion is 65° low lithotomy to 45° high lithotomy. Adduction -9° and abduction +25° and also externally rotates out 20°, with the control to lock the medical stirrup for positioning anywhere in between. Two required SpringLoc Clamps sold separately.

  • 600 lb (272 kg) patient weight capacity
  • NEW! Rotates on three axes
  • Flexible boot accommodates larger patients
  • Lift assist allow easy control with minimal effort

Required Accessory: Purchase Two
SpringLoc Clamp

Optional Accessories
Great White® Robotic Stirrup Dolly
Great White® Stirrup Wall Rack
Repl. Premium Boot Pad (w/o Fin)
Repl. Premium Boot Pad (w/Fin)

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