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Gel Positioning Pads

Blue Diamond® dry viscoelastic polymer gel pads and positioners are designed to simulate human adipose tissue composition. This will greatly reduce the risk of decubitus ulcers caused by sheer friction. Independent studies have proven the superiority of gel as compared to foam and other conventional positioning and pressure reducing products. The only clinically proven gel composition in the medical marketplace is a dry viscoelastic polymer gel. Blue Diamond® gel is a dry viscoelastic polymer gel.

All Blue Diamond® Gel positioners are:  100% Latex-Free • X-Ray Translucent • Radiolucent • Antimicrobial • Antibacterial • Plasticizer Free • Silicone Free & Reusable.

All of our Blue Diamond® gel products contain no water (which will evaporate and change gel composition over time), they will not leak, ooze or evaporate and will leave no oily residue on your hands after use. Blue Diamond® products are manufactured to the highest standards. We back our complete line of gel products with a “customer-satisfied” 2 year guarantee.

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Azure Sacral Protectors
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Azure Sacral Protectors
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Full Table Pad
Full Table Pad

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