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Adjustable Height Extra-Wide Armboard

ProductID: 800-0017
Adjustable Height Extra-Wide Armboard

This surgical armboard was created for operating room personnel and accommodates a wide-range of needs. Almost twice as wide, it has all the features of our Standard Armboard. Fits standard U.S. operating room table side rails and is lightweight, extremely durable and radiolucent.

  • Extra-Wide Armboard measures 11″ x 26.5″L
  • Connects to O.R. table side rails simply and locks securely
  • To swing armboard, pull finger-trigger at end of armboard and move to desired position
  • Release trigger and it locks tight

Armboard Pads are sold separately
2" Deluxe Extra-Wide Armboard Pad
2" Softcare Extra-Wide Armboard Pad

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