Surgical Table Accessories


Surgical Table and Accessories

When it comes to operating rooms, it's important to have all surgical equipment on hand prior to the actual surgery. Everything needs to be checked and prepared to ensure the smooth flow of the procedure. From the surgical table to the surgeon's tools and equipment, allowing for the proper preparation of all these is critical. There have been incidents of operations going awry because of missing tools or equipment, or having a disorganized OR. On some occasions, procedures go wrong in midstream because of equipment suddenly breaking down.

With SchureMed surgical products, you can be certain of the quality and durability of your equipment. Because we understand the critical role that surgery equipment plays in these types of medical procedures, we have made it our mission to provide reliable products that have passed stringent Quality Assurance (QA) tests. Hence, you can rest assured knowing that our line of surgical equipment, from the surgical table and accessories to patient positioners, have passed our strict QA tests.

Surgical Products

For safe and reliable surgical procedures, you can rely on SchureMed to provide you with the following surgery table accessories:

  • A-Line Positioners with Straps
  • Anesthesia Screen
  • Bariatric Restraint Straps
  • Disposable Clear View Leg Drapes
  • Disposable Full Face mask Positioners
  • Disposable Head and Chin Strap Positioners
  • Disposable Uro-Trapper Drain Bags
  • Irrigation Towers
  • Restraint Strap
  • Safety Draw, IV Pole Mount
  • Safety Draw, Mayo Stand Mount
  • Shoulder Supports
  • Toboggan Arm & Leg Guards

Aside from the surgical table accessories mentioned above, we also provide comfort mats and Schure Strap Rolls with VELCRO-brand fasteners.

If there is anything else you need that isn't currently listed here, please give us a call at your convenience! We will do our best to provide you the products and equipment you need as soon as it becomes available. You may reach us at our toll-free number, (888) 724-8763.

If you have questions about our surgical tables, accessories or any of the products we currently provide, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may also reach us through our local number, (781) 982-7000 or through our email address,

We know how important it is to have the right medical equipment and supplies on-hand for use at any given time, which is why we want you to have everything you need for the treatment of your patients. Rest assured that we will get back to you promptly.