Pediatric Lithotomy Stirrups
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Pediatric Lithotomy Stirrups

Product ID : 800-0233_800-0234
Price: $1,000.00


The Pediatric Lithotomy Stirrups are a comfortable boot stirrup. Specifically designed with the pediatric patient in mind. Pediatric stirrups attach to side rail of any OR table using the Schure Socket XL (sold separately). Boot pads included.

  • Pediatric boot stirrup design encapsulates patient’s lower leg
  • Floating boot automatically adjusts when repositioning the pediatric boot stirrup
Shipping weights have increased due to UPS's new dimensional weight packaging shipping charges.


#800-0233: PUPS: 160lb weight capacity
#800-0234: KIDS: 250lb weight capacity
#800-0237: Bundle Set: One set of each stirrups
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