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Patient Positioners for Knee Surgery

During surgical procedures, specific types of tools and equipment are critical to the success of the operation. For instance, knee surgery will have a higher chance of going smoothly if the patient's lower limbs are held in place by positioning equipment. More importantly, the equipment will allow the orthopedic surgeon to access the area to be operated on more easily. This ensures that surrounding tissues and the healthy parts of the knee will not be harmed in any way during the procedure.

For such purposes, SchureMed has designed a wide range of patient positioners that will assist doctors and surgeons during the operation. Our high-quality patient positioning equipment for knee surgery are specially designed and manufactured by our in-house engineers and technicians.

Our Selection

SchureMed understands that surgical procedures are a delicate matter. On the operating table, the patient's life is put at risk. It is for this reason that we take extra care in the design and manufacturing of each of our products. We develop our products with the help of valuable inputs from doctors, surgeons, nurses and other hospital staff.

For the purpose of keeping the patient's lower limbs stable during examination and treatment, we have developed the following products:

We also provide corresponding replacement pads and boot liners for the products mentioned above.

With any of these tools holding the patient's lower limbs steady, you can make the necessary incisions on the knee with more precision. Additionally, you are given ease of access to the damaged part and repair it according to your medical recommendation.

Aside from these, SchureMed also provides several other patient positioning products, including lateral positioners, patient positioning pads, and surgical preppers.

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Should you need assistance with your purchase and order, or if you need additional information regarding our patient positioning equipment for knee surgery, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. You may reach us through our local number, 781-982-7000 or through our toll-free number, 888-724-8763.