Surgical Armboard Pads

Surgical Armboard Pads

Patients on surgical tables are vulnerable to injuries and often have no control over their bodies after anesthesia has been administered. Thankfully, SchureMed armboard surfaces can be used to secure and support the patients' upper limbs to reduce pressure, protect superficial nerves, and prevent decubitis ulcers.

Doctors and surgeons who determine that a patient should undergo a surgical operation need to evaluate the patient’s body position to make sure that the patient is safe, comfortable, and properly secured throughout the procedure.

The role of armboard surfaces in the proper positioning of a surgical patient cannot be overestimated. For the benefit of patients and the convenience of medical staff, our armboard products are covered in sturdy, non-slippery material, helping to minimize pressure on the patient's body surface. They also increase patient comfort and safety by providing stable support during medical procedures. Our patient positioning surfaces are designed to not only secure and support the patient's arm; they also feature a multi-directional stretch cover that minimizes shear and protects the patients' skin.

Here at SchureMed, you can choose from three types of armboard surfaces for your medical facility: contoured, flat, and inclined.

Our Contoured armboards feature a curved, ergonomic surface that supports the patient's arm. We offer different models of contoured armboards with different cushioning materials and surface lining. Standard pads feature polyurethane foam—ideal for heavier patients. Meanwhile, our deluxe variants are covered with a multi-directional stretch material that contains an antimicrobial agent to protect the patient against infection.

We also offer Softcare armboard pads that feature multiple layers of foam to protect patients from pressure injuries, as well as high-end variants with memory foam and additional layers that prevents the padding from bottoming out. We also offer surfaces covered with a multi-directional stretch material with antimicrobial properties to reduce odor-causing bacteria.

Our Flat armboards feature a level surface that can accommodate wider patients and allow more flexible positioning. Similar to our contoured pads, these surfaces also feature a number of variants that range from standard and deluxe models with polyurethane foam pads, to Softcare armboards that feature multiple foam layers and antimicrobial covers.

Finally, our Incline amboard surfaces are designed to secure the patient's arm in a slightly bent, more relaxed angle to prevent hyperextension of the upper arm and forearm during limb procedures. Featuring pressure-diffusing T-Foam, it is designed to fit standard sized armboards, and is covered in durable conductive vinyl.

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