Shoulder/Arm/Hand Positioning

Patient Positioning Equipment for Proper Diagnosis of Shoulder/Upper Extremity Disorder

Shoulder/upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders happen for a number of reasons. Generally, these develop from repetitive motion such as regular lifting of heavy objects in the workplace, or during regular physical activities like sports and exercise. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: you need to have this checked immediately to prevent further damage on the tissues or muscles.

Orthopedic doctors are usually the ones who examine a patient suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. And in most cases, the assistance of necessary equipment is essential for proper and accurate diagnosis. This is where SchureMed comes into the picture. We are a medical supply company that specializes in patient positioning equipment designed specifically for surgical procedures.

Our selection of shoulder/upper extremity patient positioners enable doctors to accurately perform surgical procedures as they see fit. Patient positioners also benefit the patient in that their upper extremity can be positioned in a way that reduces, or even completely eliminates, discomfort and patient injury during the surgical procedure.

Current Product Line

SchureMed currently provides the following patient positioning equipment for the upper extremity:

Arm and Hand

  • Schure Loc XPS Positioner
  • Disposable Sterile Hand/Forearm Wraps
  • Elbow Arthroscopy Support
  • Elbow Surgical Positioner
  • Limited Use Finger Traps
  • Multi-Axis Positioner
  • Wrist Tower

Disposable Pads and Replacement Items

  • Multi-Axis Positioner Replacement Pads
  • Schure Loc XPS Disposable Sterile Kit


  • Lateral Shoulder Holder
  • Shoulder Assistant
  • Schure Loc XPS

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Other Patient Positioning Products

Aside from our selection of patient positioners for the shoulder/upper extremity, we also manufacture the following positioning products:

  • Surgical Stirrups
  • Spine Products
  • Positioning Pads
  • Beach Chairs

OR Table Clamps

  • Knee Surgery Positioners

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