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Patient Transfer Equipment for Safety and Comfort

In hospitals and other high-risk environments such as sports events, disaster sites, and construction sites, EMTs, orderlies, and paramedics always need to keep a supply of patient transfer equipment handy. Studies show that the use of improper equipment and techniques can lead to further injury and, in the worst cases, even patient demise. The aim of using patient transfer equipment is to convey patients from one location to another, such as from the field on to a waiting ambulance, from one hospital bed to another especially if they are not even, and from a hospital room to a testing area.

SchureMed offers a wide range of transfer equipment that ensure the utmost comfort and safety. They are manufactured according to the exact specifications of medical professionals who demand nothing less than the best materials and ergonomic principles. Below are the characteristics of SchureMed’s line of top-notch patient transfer products.

  • Easy clean-up. Our products can be cleaned up easily—a single spray-and-wipe motion is all that’s required to prevent staining. This is also important for environments that require complete sterilization.
  • Multiple carrying holes. Different medical crews have different levels of comfort; thus, our multiple carrying holes allow them to transfer patients at any angle and height. This also helps prevent the majority of back injuries among patient carriers.
  • Radiolucency. In high-turnover environments where speed is key, a lot of time can be saved by using radiolucent patient carrying equipment instead of transferring them from the stretcher to the X-ray bed. SchureMed’s line of radiolucent patient transfer equipment is made from synthetic materials that do not show up on X-ray prints to help medical professionals locate injuries easily.
  • Easy storage. Our products take up less space when not in use; thus, they can be stored in every operating room and ambulance environment. They may be hung from the wall and be deployed in a matter of seconds. This helps reduce patient turnover time and allows medical professionals to treat more patients in less time.
  • Patient comfort.The patient’s comfort level is the top factor when it comes to considering which transfer equipment to use. SchureMed’s product line is designed to minimize the risk of further back injury and to ensure that the patient’s movements are restrained properly.

Please note that the Schure Slides are made for sliding a patient from one surface to another and are not constructed to support patient weight.

SchureMed’s range of patient transfer equipment is meant for heavy-duty, high-turnover use and is designed to make the transfer process as quick and easy as possible. For more information about SchureMed patient transfer products, contact us at 888-724-8763 toll free.