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Patient Positioners

There are various types of patient positioners available today and these are generally based on the area that needs to be accessed for surgical procedures. Here at SchureMed, we provide the surgical patient positioning supplies and equipment for Lateral Positioners & Surgical Preppers.

Lateral Positioners allow the patient to maintain a side-lying position during a procedure. These are generally used for surgical operations targeting the hemithorax and kidney, as well as for upper endoscopy and ERCP, a surgical procedure that allows the doctor to check the condition of a patient’s pancreatic and bile ducts.

Surgical Preppers are used for holding the upper and lower extremities in place during surgical procedures. Our available surgical positioning equipment for this product line include Elbow Arthroscopy Support, Extremity Positioner, Bi-Lateral Leg Prepper, Universal Prepper & Leg Prepper.