Oasis Elite Positioner Prone Pad
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Oasis Elite Positioner Prone Pad

Product ID : 804-0042
Price: $710.00


The Prone Pad facilitates easy ventilation, and eliminates pressure on the abdomen, during long cases in prone. Recommended for Laminectomy procedures and surgery to the back of the legs. The Prone Pad is made up of a 2 Layered Design. The top layer is Slow Foam/Memory Foam and the base is Fast Recovery Foam. It is ergonomically and anatomically designed to eliminate pressure on the abdomen

Designed to help prevent the occurrence of intraoperative pressure ulcers. This pad successfully accommodates the female and male anatomy. It facilitates easy ventilation and circulation during long cases in prone. Decreases the risk of pressure sores and tissue breakdown.

• 39.92"W x 18.90"L x 5.91"H


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