OR Equipment Storage

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OR Equipment Storage

Aside from offering a wide range of high-quality medical equipment, SchureMed is also a one-stop shop for all your OR equipment storage needs. From armboard holders to shoulder chair dollies, we have the equipment and devices that ensure patient safety, help smoothen workflow, and maximize the limited space in your operating room.

By incorporating into the manufacturing process the valuable feedback given to us by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who use our products daily, we are better able to engineer innovative solutions that improve medical care.

In the case of your facility's OR, part of strategic operating room management is ensuring that the OR's physical layout can support different functions. This means that as more medical technologies and equipment are brought in, there is a higher risk of crowding, which may adversely affect your staff and the medical services they render. With that said, one way of preventing such a scenario from happening is to have durable and easy-to-use OR equipment storage.

While many small types of medical equipment can be stored away in cabinets and shelves, having specialty storage that is specific for their use is safer, which is important in the healthcare industry where safety and security is a prime consideration in all procedures. Additionally, with specialty storage, your staff will have an easier time finding and organizing different medical apparatus in your facility.

Here at SchureMed, we currently offer the following equipment storage for the OR:

  • Armboard Holder
  • Pediatric Stirrup Dolly
  • Shoulder Assistant Dolly
  • Shoulder Chair Dolly
  • Stirrup Dolly
  • Stirrup Wall Rack
  • Schure Spine Frame Dolly

Try our line of OR equipment storage dollies today to reduce your storage footprint immediately. With their wide base for resisting tipping, your staff will be able to transport equipment and surgical extremity positioners faster to the surgical table for patient positioning. Made only from strong stainless steel, you can rest assured that even with their prolonged use, these dollies will last in the years to come.

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